New year! New you! New us too!

Dear Friends of CIT,

I know that technically January 1 is the start of the new year, but for me it’s always felt like September. It was a year ago this week that I joined CIT as the new Managing Director. Rose C. Stella our Artistic Director, the CIT Advisory Council, the staff and I began the work of growing the brand of Canada’s oldest full-time Indigenous theatre program as the training centre of excellence for Indigenous performing artists in the 21st century.

Over the summer, Benjamin Dickerson (Marketing & Communications Manager) & Jason Jenkins (Artistic Producer) joined our staff working with CIT to grow its community connections and change the way we present ourselves to the world.

You may have met Jason at events and hopefully noticed the transformation start to take shape already on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We like ‘likes’ and we heart followers ☺

I’m very excited to announce that we’ve just launched an update to our website at indigenoustheatre.com with a brand new short video featuring CIT’s Artistic Director, Rose C. Stella.
Play Video

Now, this is where you come in.

In our efforts to build the profile of our beloved institution and the students we serve, we want as many people as possible to see and hear Rose and her call out to potential students.

To do this, we need your help.

Your giving will enable us to promote Rose’s video and get a whole bunch of eyes on it. You will drive her message out nationally, reaching new places across the country. You will help us connect to those budding Indigenous performers that may not know that we exist as a space for them to learn and grow. You will create opportunities for the CIT Class of 2019 to become the inspired and passionate Indigenous artists of the future, telling their stories in their own voice.


Celeste Sansregret
Managing Director
Centre for Indigenous Theatre