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You, the student, are given the opportunity to publicly perform through community showcase events, story creation projects and a year-end production which features senior students.

We seek to train you, the future Indigenous artist, to become tomorrow’s inspired and passionate Indigenous voice.

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The only school of its kind in Canada

Our program is built to prepare you for your career in contemporary performance and theatre arts, from a distinctively Indigenous cultural foundation. The uniqueness of our training is how it oscillates from Indigenous culture into contemporary theatre and performance techniques. The program equips you, the student, with Indigenous learnings, knowledge, perspectives, practices, and modern performance methodologies. This particular combination is designed to best enable you to tell your stories, in your voice. Our curriculum integrates training in the areas of acting, voice and movement with Indigenous cultural classes in dance, song and oral history. The program also offers professional development which allows students and working actors to train together, adding and essential mentoring element to your training. It is an opportunity for emerging Indigenous artists to work with one another and established Indigenous artists within your own cultural milieu, to embolden one another, to become tomorrow’s passionate, inspired and strong Indigenous cultural curators, conservationists and artists.

Our program is performance oriented, so all students will also have a chance to perform. You gain practical performance experience through public performance opportunities in showcase events, story creation projects. And, a year-end show written by an Indigenous playwright or adapted by an Indigenous playwright, featuring senior students.

Application requirements:

• You must be of Indigenous ancestry.

• You must be 18 years of age or older.

• You must have a Grade 10 English level.

• You must be interested in acting movement, voice, self-discovery and theatre.

• You must be interested in exploring Indigenous knowledge, with respect for all Indigenous cultures, traditions and art forms.

Applicants applying for funding from their Band Council are encouraged to apply to The Centre for Indigenous Theatre in conjunction with their Education Department deadlines.

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Here’s the deal

Tuition is $3,750.00 (CAD) per year.

Your tuition includes books/supplies, production costs and special events.

You are responsible for your own travel to and from Toronto.

You are responsible for your living expenses.

No qualified student is ever refused due to a lack of funding.

We are committed to assisting you in securing funding to study with us.

We offer a complete range of scholarships and student supports.

Please contact us for more information.

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