December 16th to 18th, 2020
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Act One

Rose C. Stella

Opening song
Theresa Cutknife
“I Met a Boy” by Tia Wuud

2nd Year Physical Theatre: Character Masks
Instructor – Jim Warren
“The Adventures of Moopey & B”
B: Sonny Russell
Moopey: Wasena Joyal Sinclair

“All the Good Girls Go to Hell” by Billie Eilish
“Drops of Brandy” “ by John Arcand
“Cotton Eye Joe” by Rednex
“Unknown Reel in C” by John Arcand

4th Year Scene Study: Shakespeare
Instructor: Ed Roy
Henry IV Part 2 – Act 2/Scene 4

Falstaff: Sam Twinn
Mistress Quickly: Theresa Cutknife
Doll Tearsheet: Eve Saint
Old Pistol: Andre McLeod

2nd Year Scene Study
Instructor: Imelda Villalon
“Bannock Republic” by Kenneth T. Williams
Destiny: Wasena Joyal-Sinclair
Jacob: Sonny Russell

Audition Technique: 4th Year Monologues
Instructor: Ed Roy
Samuel Twinn:
Classical: Cassius – “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare
Eve Saint:
Contemporary: Rebecca – “The Unnatural & Accidental Women” by Marie Clements
Theresa Cutknife:
Classical: Medea – “Medea” by Euripedes

2nd Year Scene Study: Shakespeare
Instructor: Ed Roy
“Merchant of Venice” – Act 3/Scene 2
Portia: Wasena Joyal-Sinclair
Bassanio: Sonny Russell

Audition Technique:  4th Year Monologues
Instructor: Ed Roy
Theresa Cutknife:
Contemporary: Denise – “The Hours That Remain” by Keith Barker
Andre McLeod:
Classical: Iago – “Othello” by William Shakespeare
Eve Saint:
Classical: Lady Macbeth – “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare
Samuel Twinn:
Contemporary: Cuirette– “Hosanna” by Michel Tremblay

Intermission – 20 minutes

“Good Medicine”

Act two

2nd & 4th Year Story Creation
Synopsis: Good Medicine is a devised ensemble play that explores the inter-generational challenges of a Cree/Nehiyaw family in post-colonial Canada. With interest in the Cree value system, Māori Director Renae Maihi asked the students to explore, challenge and deconstruct the Cree Tipi teachings. By using the exploration as a way of providing a structure for the work and a foundation in which to discuss challenges that First Nations people face as a result of colonization, residential schools, the 60’s Scoop – stolen culture. What emerged was a carefully woven story that is provocative, moving, courageous and inspiring. Good Medicine is an examination of confronting painful truths bravely and remembering who you are.

Story Creation Team
Director: Renae Maihi
Choreography & Movement Support: Alejandro Ronceria
Set & Lighting: Glenn Davidson
Video Design: Jason Jenkins

Cast & Characters
Nikawiy (Our Mother)
Theresa Cutknife
Skull Woman
Wasena Joyal-Sinclair
Andre McLeod
Eve Saint
Sonny Russell
Samuel Twinn

“Travelling Song”
“Women’s Warrior Song”
“Blackfoot Lullaby” by Olivia Tailfeathers
Show score, various compositions and recordings by Māori DJ, Maeror Tri.

End of Evening

December Showcase

2nd Year Students:
Wasena Joyal-Sinclair
Sonny Russell

4th Year Students:
Theresa Cutknife
Andre McLeod
Eve Saint
Samuel Twinn

Production/Stage Manager: Glenn Davidson
Production Assistant: April Nicolle
Technical Director: Bryan-Clifford Batty

CIT Staff

Managing Director: Celeste Sansregret
Artistic Director & Princpal: Rose C. Stella
Marketing Manager: Benjamin Dickerson
Artistic Producer: Jason Jenkins
Office Manager: Michael Jukes
Marketing Associate: Megan “Sanny” Ross

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