Giving Tuesday

Hey, let’s just lay it all out. December 3rd was #GivingTuesday. One day dedicated to Giving, and it comes at the end of a relentless four day run of sales, deals and mega deals. So many places, people and things asking you to buy, buy and then buy more.

Well, we’re asking you to open your wallet too, not for a big TV, an on-demand video subscription, a new phone with a new whatchamacallit thingy or the latest and greatest in Yoga mat technology.

We’re asking for an investment in Truth and Reconciliation, in a social contract, in the next generation of Indigenous performing artists.

Your donation to CIT directly impacts the lives of the next generation of passionate, inspired Indigenous artists, culture creators and conservators. Your support of CIT fuels their training and development.

Your support becomes a place to live, food to eat, and transportation.

Every dollar you give creates an opportunity, a vital space for Indigenous talent to train, learn and grow.

Watch this video by CIT’s Artistic Producer Jason Jenkins. See some of the work that your giving and ongoing support helps make happen. Please consider a tax deductible contribution to CIT’s deserving students today.

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