About Centre for Indigenous Theatre

Changing the World

As one of the only schools of its kind in Canada, today, CIT offers three and four-year full-time conservatory-style post-secondary education. Our programming is designed to prepare students for a future in theatre and performing Arts, drawing from a distinctively Indigenous cultural foundation. Our training is rooted in Indigenous teachings, knowledge, perspectives and ways of knowing while adapting to contemporary and Western theatre and performance techniques. Our curriculum offers training in the areas of acting, voice and movement as well as Indigenous cultural classes in dance, song and oral history. Our training reconnects students with important and frequently overlooked aspects of Indigenous culture, offering distinctive and authentic forms of artistic expression.
Additionally, the program offers professional development, pairing students with working actors and creators offering a collaborative space in which to train and share knowledge, and adding essential mentoring to the training opportunities. This intercultural approach allows students to learn and work within a positive and familiar cultural setting. Students are provided with an opportunity and the support to become passionate and inspired cultural curators, conservationists and artists and to tell their stories in their voice in a constructive environment.


Our College

Tuition is $3,750.00 (CAD) per year
and includes production costs and any special events.

No qualified student is ever refused
due to a lack of funding.

Ink Mark

Tomson Highway

CIT provides an extremely valuable, one might even say 'essential', service to the Native community. It brings out the very best in the young people it works with, thus launching them into lives that are constructive, meaningful and substantial; lives that will then affect their own home communities in ways that are nothing but positive.

Bravo to CIT.